Corralled Series

Warning: Reader Beware – the books listed below are highly flammable and are likely to cause spontaneous reader combustion!

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Book 1 of the Corralled Series

In an effort to escape the difficulties created by her ’second sight’ abilities, Savannah Thompson ran away to the mountains of western Montana. On the Shooting Star Ranch she finds both peace and a balm for her restless energies. Working with her horses, and playing wild games with four handsome cowboys allows her to relax. Yet she continues to dream of a lover who can accept her, quirks and all.

Cord Black takes his work seriously. His new job provides a challenge he feels prepared to tackle. By laying down the law, he will whip the lackadaisical cowhands into shape, and tame the wild filly that has crawled under his skin, driving him to distraction. At least, that was his plan.

Just when all the pieces seem to be coming together for Savannah, she will risk it all to help another. Pitted in a battle against her own nature, she must fight to keep those she loves together. But first, she will have to accept herself before anyone else can.


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Book 2 of the Corralled Series

There’s nowhere to run and no place to hide from old wounds and demons for the vulnerable woman behind the bawdy attitude.How ironic to be captured by an Indian when not one of the Shooting Star Ranch cowboys is available to race to her rescue.

City girl Tamara Dobbs lives on the ranch to be close to her friends and even closer to her gorgeous cowboys, but still she feels discontent, fragmented. From the minute she runs into the new guy – sexy, unflappable equestrian, Dakota Blackhawk – she runs from the intense emotions he evokes.

On first sight, Dakota knows nothing will stop him from claiming the brazen little princess as his own – heart, body, and spirit. He’ll accept nothing less. While he would gladly take on the fight for her, she must face her own battle to become whole. Taking her out of her element is the only way he can help the sexy, stubborn woman.

Tamara may survive the emotional roller coaster ride, but she still must conquer the ultimate challenge…forgetting what others want her to be and becoming true to herself.

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Book 3 of the Corralled Series

A few stolen intimate moments shared with a nameless beauty present a challenge no cowboy can resist.Jesse Powers feels like a fish out of water when he leaves the ranch and jumps feet first into the shark infested waters of big business wheelers and dealers. Homesickness rides the cowboy hard until a fiery uptown girl captures his interest and lassos his heart.

Kate Brooks has a plan she’s reluctant to deviate from. A strategy for climbing the ranks as a graphic artist and starting her own company. She certainly can’t afford to let her rigid control slip and give into the distraction presented by her hunky, peeping tom neighbor—no matter how great the temptation.

They both like to be in control, sharing only one common ground—sex. Kate’s willing to submit to the right man in the bedroom, and Jesse just may be that man. Chasing their dreams will put more than miles between these lovers. The gaping distance is filled with challenges and hurdles they’ll have to conquer to find true happiness.

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Book 4 of the Corralled Series

Brock Madden is cool, calm and in control. Except when it comes to Tink—the feisty hellion who pushes all his buttons for the sheer fun of watching his patience snap. Far worse than the intense desire to choke the annoying woman is the alarming, all-consuming compulsion to tie Tink to his bed and fuck her into next week.

Tink is no wimpy little damsel waiting for a big, strong man to rescue her, or to take over her life. Oh, hell no. She does her own thing, her own way, when she damn well feels like it. The last thing she wants or needs is some bossy, overbearing man pushing her around. Even if she’d like to torture him with pleasure.

One night of passion ramps up their explosive chemistry, pushing Brock’s restraint past the limit. And hidden behind the cold-hearted bitch he discovers a woman who longs to surrender to a man she can trust. Come hell or high water, he’s going to be that man.