Reviews – Trip My Switch

From Jambrea, reviewer for Joyfully Reviewed
“Trip My Switch is smoking hot! I had to take my computer into a cold shower when I was done. Nicole Austin knows how to write a scorcher to be sure!”

 5 Blue Ribbons from Chrissy Dionne, reviewer for Romance Junkies
 “Told entirely in first person, TRIP MY SWITCH takes readers into the mindset of a man struggling to understand his own sexual desires. Nicole Austin bravely ventures deep into the shocking world of BDSM and does it with style. I was pleasantly surprised by how ‘into’ this story I became. There’s no shortage of intense sexual experiences or interesting uses of a wide variety of toys that had me eagerly reading to find out what would happen next. This book is part of Ellora’s Cave’s Exotika collection so be prepared for plenty of toe tingling scenes along with enough emotional context to earn Ms. Austin plenty of new readers.”

4 Pixies from Willow Rayne, reviewer for Dark Angel Reviews
“Trip My Switch was a very fun and engaging ride of sexual discovery. I really related to Bash as he was trying to figure out where he fit into the D/s world. The air of mystery behind the man and woman taking charge of Bash’s life really added some drama to this story that kept me on the edge of my seat. The sex scenes throughout this wonderful tale are enough to require a cold shower afterward. Filled with drama, angst, and a really great romance, Trip My Switch is a hit, in my opinion, for Nicole Austin.”

From Aris,
“This is a very interesting look at the emotional response to BDSM in a dramatic way. Although a novel, it depicts the connection of the emotional response to giving up all physical control in a most delicious way. I was delighted with the book in every way. There is intense, kinky sex, and in the context of being blindfolded and gagged, an emotional bond forms a deep hold quickly. But is Sebastian’s question about being a natural submissive really answered? You will have to read and decide that for yourself. It will be worth it.”