Reviews – Taken

5 Blue Ribbons from Suzie Housley – Romance Junkies
“Nicole Austin’s TAKEN should win the 2011 award for suspense of the year. Her writing style is so realistic; you can feel every emotion the characters are experiencing. TAKEN is a book that you will not be able to figure out until the last pages are reveals. Then as you finish the last passage you will find yourself stunned at how it ended. I highly recommend TAKEN to anyone who enjoys a high action, heart stopping, romance.”

3 Cherries from Tiger Lily – Whipped Cream Reviews
“Holy guacamole Batman, this book is hot!!!

“Catchphrases aside, this is one smoking book. I needed more than a fan and a cool drink. I needed to fix my ereader and smooth out the melted spots. I knew from the blurb what I was going to get in this story, but it is way hotter than any blurb. Phew.

“I’ve read other books by Ms. Austin, and she never fails to bring out the heat factor. Her writing is nice and fluid, drawing me into the story and the worlds of Mikael and Dani. The chemistry between them is palpable and I didn’t want it to end—once it started. I have to note, this is a sequel–Erotique–and even thought I didn’t read that book first, I didn’t feel I’d missed anything. This story stands on its own quite well…

“If the reader is looking for something hot for a cool night, this story delivers. And I have to add the love between Dani and Mikael does come across as aching yet strong. I know, that sounds like a strange way to describe a love story, but trust me, it fits. There are moments of agony, sweetness, and white hot heat.

“If you want a story that will warm everything in the room to boiling, you need to read Taken.”

4.5 Stars from Chirs- Night Owl Reviews
“I for one enjoyed the story and Mikael’s possessiveness even as he gives his wife what she craves. And as she is given the gift of his understanding she takes that final step that will ensure she gets what she wants and needs from her marriage and her husband, and what he really needs but is too controlled to allow.”

4 Kisses – Julianne – Two Lips Reviews
“Taken by Nicole Austin is a short story packed full of action, emotions, and is fast paced. The storyline is well written and exciting, and keeps the reader turning the pages. I admire Mikael’s strength and his love for Dani; I liked his character very much. I believe Dani loves her husband; she just needs something extra from him and he doesn’t understand why she needs it.

“Taken is a sequel to Erotique, a book I haven’t read yet, but you can bet that I will be reading it very soon. I want to learn more about Dani and Mikael and their life together. I really enjoyed reading Taken; it’s a very fast read that would be great for a lunch time break. Read Taken by Nicole Austin today and put a little zing in your day.”