Sassy Faerie Princess Excerpt 2

Copyright © Nicole Austin, 2018

Walking to the house from the detached garage, Trevor reflected on the day. He’d managed to land a prestigious client at work then met Brady for dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant. For once, Brady had been upbeat, talking with animated excitement about his experience at the new art gallery.

In high spirits, Trevor anticipated a relaxing evening snuggled comfortably on the couch. Perhaps they’d have a few beers and watch a movie. He opened the kitchen door and flipped on the light as Brady followed him inside. No beeps or warnings from the alarm greeted them. “Damn it, Brady. You forgot the alarm again.”

“Nuh-uh. I set it!”

As the room filled with light, anxiety tightened his chest at the sight which greeted him. “Someone’s been in the house,” he stated in a calm voice, which failed to convey his unease.

Scattered on the kitchen table, a box from leftover pizza and bottles of craft beer sat open and empty. “Bastards ate the pizza and drank the good beer,” he complained.

Emotions tended to overwhelm Brady, and already, he’d gone silent. Moving to the nearby closet, Brady snatched up an aluminum baseball bat and led the way into the living room. Trevor fell in step behind him.

“The magazines are all over the place,” Trevor noted. “And I just folded that blanket this morning.”

Holding the bat against his shoulder, ready to swing, Brady led the way down the hall toward the bedroom. They methodically checked each room. Something other than the random items out of place seemed wrong. Trevor felt it all the way to the marrow of his bones. In a sudden flash, he knew what bothered him, and he searched frantically. “Where’s Flirt?”

“I’ll kill them,” Brady warned.

Trevor wouldn’t even try to hold Brady back if someone hurt their dog. He’d gladly help open up that can of whup-ass. Back in the living room, they found the front door unlocked. Brady shoved it open and moved into the space.

“Holy shit,” Brady said and stood statue-still, blocking the doorway. “This is like something out of the damn nursery rhyme about the blonde and the bears. They came home and found someone had sat in the chair, eaten the food, and slept in the bed. In fact, the girl was still there, sound asleep. Only difference, our intruder isn’t a blonde. She’s a brunette. And she’s gorgeous.”

Any semblance of calm Trevor strove for went out the window with that statement. He shoved Brady to the side then stopped short as he moved through the doorway.

The most beautiful woman he’d ever seen was asleep on the porch swing. Long chocolate-brown hair with golden undertones cascaded over her breasts in large curls. The hem of her sexier-than-hell dress had bunched up around her upper thighs, revealing mile-long, toned legs. An absolute siren, yet her sweet pixie face and fine bone structure gave her a fragile, innocent appearance.

His skin heated, heart pumping double time, sending all his blood straight to his cock, which swelled against his zipper. Brady and he silently stared, mesmerized as the sexy vixen shifted her legs restlessly, one against the other, driving them both crazy.

A quick glance confirmed Brady was in the same condition, his thick erection pressing against the front of his jeans.

“You sure picked the perfect name for that useless mutt,” Brady said in a dull monotone. “And you thought Flirt would be a good watchdog.” He shook his head in disgust.

Trevor bit back laughter. The dog in question lay curled up on the porch beneath the swing. One of the intruder’s arms hung down, fingers splayed on his furry side as they shared a peaceful nap.

“What the hell do we do with her now?” he asked as Brady turned and stepped inside to stuff the bat in the hall closet.

Actually, Trevor had plenty of ideas about what they could do with the gorgeous nymph. Vivid images played through his mind. In them, Brady and he stood on either side of her as they stripped off the dress. They would each worship her full breasts, teasing her nipples before sliding down her body, spreading those long legs, and tasting the honeyed juices flowing from her pussy.

“We should probably wake her up and ask who the hell she is, but I’d rather sandwich her between us and fuck her senseless.” Brady stared, appearing enthralled by the mere sight of her.

Oh, god. Having her between them would be heaven. There were so many different ways the three of them could come together. Trevor imagined the woman on her knees sucking one of their cocks between those full, pouty lips while the other fucked her from behind. Just the thought of sinking his cock deep into the hot, wet clench of her pussy and having those incredible legs wrapped around his hips had him ready to strip and join her on the swing. It had been a long time since he’d fucked a woman, and now, he found himself craving the pleasure of a tight cunt spasming around his shaft while hot cream slid down his balls.

He stifled a moan, picturing Brady fucking the woman while Trevor fucked Brady. Or even better, one of them beneath her, fucking her pussy, while the other was behind her, fucking her ass.

He’d never shared a woman before but longed to be buried in a warm channel with only a thin barrier separating him from Brady, feeling their cocks brush against each other through a feminine body. Now that would be the ultimate fantasy for him.

“Well, we can’t just fall on Sleeping Beauty and fuck her,” Trevor said. After all, she was a complete stranger.

Brady shrugged “Why not? She’s the one who invaded our home.”

Without another word, Brady moved over to the swing, scooped the woman into his arms, and carried her into the house. Heading to their bedroom, he laid her in the center of the bed. Flirt jumped on the mattress and curled up next to her. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Brady took a lock of shiny hair and rubbed it between his fingers.

Trevor helplessly watched. He’d never seen his lover act quite so tender and captivated. Even if she was some psycho escaped from the loony bin, Trevor would be grateful to her for revealing a side of Brady he’d always hoped existed but had never managed to bring out.

Tenderly cupping her cheek in his hand, Brady brushed his thumb over her lush lips and sent shivers racing down Trevor’s spine.

“She seems so vulnerable and delicate. Makes me want to keep her safe and protected.”

The wistful tone of Brady’s voice tightened around Trevor’s heart like a fist. He, too, felt overwhelmed by the deep emotions she evoked but couldn’t prevent a bitter surge of jealousy. Brady belonged to him!

“She’s like some ethereal spirit—a mermaid or genie.” He shook his head. “No, a fairy princess,” Brady declared, his gaze never leaving her delicate features. “I want to hold and cherish her, possess both body and soul, capture her heart.”

Not daring to break the spell, Trevor remained rooted to the spot, quiet and unobtrusive, observing the amazing change that had come over his man.

Finally looking up, Brady frowned and asked, “Why are you way over there?”

Chasing the traitorous dog from the bed, Trevor sat on her other side, immediately drowning in the same enchantment that had gripped Brady. There was something about this woman. Something compelling that fired up his protective instincts, which warred with the unusual jealousy.

Without thought, he gave into temptation and bent forward, placing a kiss on her pouty red lips. God, how he’d love to see those luscious lips spread around his cock, cheeks hollowed as she sucked him deep into her warm mouth.

“We’re keeping her,” Brady declared, his attention again turning