Sassy Faerie Princess Excerpt 1

Copyright © Nicole Austin, 2018

Serena awoke to a loud, rumbling growl of thunder and a blinding shaft of early morning light piercing her eyes. Rolling onto her back, she stretched her arms over her head and shivered as the cold, hard boulder she laid on chilled her to the bone. Her head pounded, her eyes burned, and she had no idea how she’d ended up sleeping on the ground, blanketed by the fog.

Memories of the night before flooded through her sleep-fogged brain and had her bolting upright to sit and stare at her surroundings. She took in the lush green forest in the distance through the thick white mist, and her heart plummeted.

Still in Fae. Wish denied.


Lying back with a deep groan, she rubbed the remnants of sleep from her eyes with small fists. Having been so certain her wish would be granted, waking up at home made her chest ache with shock and disappointment.

Another deep growl reverberated through the otherwise quiet morning. Scratching her head, she sat up again to look around. Something wasn’t right. In fact, the rumbling couldn’t have been thunder. It sounded almost…masculine.

Springing to her feet, she began brushing away the dew clinging to her dress while she took a closer look around her. The realization she didn’t quite recognize where she stood slowly took shape.

The air she breathed didn’t feel charged with magic as it did in Fae, and there was stone beneath her feet instead of grass. A melodic trickling of water captured her attention, and Serena took flight. Stone soon disappeared and a crystal-clear pool of water took its place. Beneath the water appeared to be white marbled rock. She’d never seen anything quite like it.

Fascinated by the sight, not watching where she flew, she almost crashed into a triangular formation of the same rock centered over the pool. Water dripped from the bottom edge, plopping down to create tiny ripples on the otherwise placid water’s surface. An eerie blue light shone from deep inside the rock, and it seemed to hum.

How strange.

Hope began to form in her heart, along with a healthy dose of fear. Maybe her wish had been granted after all, but what realm had she entered? Other than the sensual masculine sounds, Serena had not seen any signs of the native inhabitants of this unexpected place.

Upon circling around the rock formation, she came to the conclusion she was at the center of the realm. Heading in the opposite direction from where she’d started out, she encountered a copse of bizarre trees. The gray-green trunks were long and narrow, and white rings circled the trees at regularly spaced intervals. Sprouting out of the upper portion were thin branches supporting what appeared to be wide blades of grass.

Flying around the trees, she came to an odd structure of smooth white rock forming a barrier wall. She followed the upward arc until it ended in a thick, outward curved lip. The whole thing made her think of a large stone bowl, reinforcing the sensation of having shrunk. But what lay beyond the wall stopped her heart and froze the breath in her lungs. All energy drained from her body, and Serena plopped down hard on her ass with her legs dangling over the rocky ledge.

It took a long time for her mind to wrap around the images her eyes fed to her stunned brain. Everything was on a grand scale and appeared to be the inside of a massive dwelling. Directly across from where she sat rested a raised bed. While her surroundings amazed her, Serena’s attention became captivated by the two men at the center of the mattress.

The two contrasting lads lay face to face, one with the others hips clasped between his legs. Both were the exquisite embodiment of her most vivid fantasies. Their bodies were beautifully corded with muscle, one sleek and lean, the other thick and solid. They were the most beautiful males she’d ever seen. And she thought that perhaps they were humans. Ginormous humans.

One man was light and the other dark, his flesh decorated with various markings. Their bodies were coated with a glossy sheen of sweat as they moved in a primitive dance of mating, pressed together at their hips.

Her lungs burned and her chest ached, reminding Serena of the need to breathe as her heart pounded out a hard and frantic rhythm against her ribs. The men making love created a sexual heat she had no power to resist. Without conscious thought, she cupped her breasts and plucked at turgid nipples through the soft material of her dress. Fiery sparks shot from the sensitive peaks straight down to her engorged nub. Heat pooled in her sex, and a hot gush of cream covered her swollen slit.

One hand dropped lower to slide the hem of her dress up her legs. Her fingers trailed over the soft skin along her inner thigh as she watched in rapt fascination. The men rolled, the dark-haired male now on top. His powerful body moved with masculine grace as he thrust, firm ass clenching and relaxing in such a wonderful show of strength. Each had a hand wrapped around the cock of the man on bottom, pumping the thick shaft together, fingers intertwined. They grunted and moaned as they made love in the early morning light.

The desire to join them was nearly overwhelming. She longed to be wrapped up in the middle of all that succulent male flesh. To share in their enjoyment and passion. But the fear of rejection kept her glued to the spot.

Serena slid slender fingers through her damp, swollen folds in a tempo matching the men, her womb clenching, ready for one of their cocks to penetrate her. She was close to orgasm just from watching the two beautiful men, from feeling the lust rolling off their bodies in sensual waves. One deep thrust would be all she needed to reach orgasm.

The lighter man’s face contorted into an expression of ecstasy bordering on pain. At the same time, the dark man threw his head back, revealing a similarly agonized expression. Their shouts of completion brought her closer to her own release.

Busy fingers circled her nub and plucked at a diamond-hard nipple as the first tingles of impending orgasm raced through her abdomen, and she threw back her own head, ready to explode.

Shock assailed Serena, along with a dousing of cold water, as she lost her balance, falling into the shallow pool and landing once again on her offended ass. Sputtering and cursing, she sat up, rivulets of water sluicing over her drenched hair, clinging to her face and body. Spitting mad, she smacked her fists onto the rocky surface, sending up another splash of water.

“What was that?” one of the men questioned.