Reviews – Hybrid Mates

5 Stars from Sarah Greenwood – Amazon Reviews

Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – a book of anthologies. Loved this collection right from the start. Short hot shifter reads that will have you purring with enjoyment throughout. Will definitely be checking out what else the author has written now.

“Loved how alpha all the characters where when they either just thought or said out loud ‘mine’ when they saw their other halves. Nothing was ever going to keep them away. Whether their beginnings happened over a year, a month, a week or a day the connections where there right from the start and when fate decided to throw them into each others paths nothing was going to stop them from getting their HEAs with their true mates. The ones to give the females their all-important ‘Os’ they have been missing out on.”

5 Stars from Dana Busenbark – Amazon Reviews

“Be ready for six really HOT, Erotic stories by Nicole Austin. Some of these stories were complete surprises for me, and others I had the pleasure of rereading when I realized I had read them as parts of other anthologies. I am smiling just thinking about how I got to re-read them. They were just as wonderful the second time around!”

5 Stars from Nikki Brooks – Amazon Reviews

“Fantastic set of linked books. These books all centre on a family of shifters and their friends and relatives who all fall for a hybrid shifter of some sort incl Liger, wolf, panther, etc. Each story leads nicely into the other and there are little appearances from previous characters in the successive books. Great storylines and larger (and sexier!) than life characters and fabulously well written smexy scenes to melt your underwear!!!”

4 Stars from Cheri – Amazon Reviews

“I call this boxed set SSSS–six sexy short stories. One example is YOUR AND ONLY… It is a short, hot—did I mention hot—shifter romance with the hottest black, yep I said black, lion who shifts into one hot Greek. She can’t resist him, and neither will you… There are five more hot stories in this great set, don’t miss them.”

5 Stars from Barbara – Amazon Reviews

“In true romance fashion, this set contains a ménage, a biker, a sex club and lots more! Best of all they all contain strong females and the shifter makes that tame them in glorious ways! If you like shifter romance stories, this reader highly recommends this 6 novella box set!”

5 Stars from Kimmie Sue’s Book Reviews – Amazon Reviews
“Merry Christmas, Kitten Review
Whew I need a fan for this hot little story. This may be a short story, but man is it packed full of hot steamy fun. love how Kenyon calls her Kitten, even before he finds out she is a lioness. And man does he have a surprise for her. He’s not what he seems either. what a lucky lioness, Now if she will just stick around long enough for him to tell her.”

“My Valentine Lovers Review
Man the fun continues with Serina’s sister. I love how Lorilee was spying on her sister to see her new mate. Then the twins show up, and all the fun begins. They actually have been talking or rather chatting before they all met. Oh how I love the little bit of fate thrown into the story. Now to see which sister is next.”

“My Kind Of Lover Review
This is Hadie’s story, and I have to say a favorite for me. She is a bad ass, I love her tattoo. Fits perfectly to the type of personality. these books see to just get better with each story. And our hero Jace is a different mix than I’ve herd of. love the originality of her books.”

“Sex Me Up Review
This is a good one, she goes half way around the world to end up finding her mate. But then she runs. Thank goodness he gave chase. I love how he found her that was truly something. And when he tells her his revelation it was a perfect ending to the story.”

“Take Me Home Review
Wow talk about dysfunctional family. I really hate these lionesses sire. What an ass he is. Throwing out his own child aft what happened to he and it out of her control. I cheered got his. On to the next book.”

“Your One And Only
This book was fun. What do you do when your found, out in the middle of nowhere by lion? Well I probably would have been scared to death. But then to wake up by a handsome man could be fun. I loved Zander’s mom and her wooden spoon. that was to funny.”

“Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do, they value your opinions too.”