Reviews – Hard Lovin’

5 of 5 Flames – Kitten – Hotly Ever After

“This is my first trip into literary erotica with this author. And I have to say that I was not disappointed. From the moment the book started, I was instantly connecting with the main character. Olivia made me smile at times, and at first I wanted to just hug her. Then, the unexpected happened.
“Not only did a cop come banging at her door insisting on entry. But he busted in, pinned her to the wall, and started to search her! And it wasn’t just a normal pat down, oh no! This was every kinksters dirty little cop fantasy come true. A hunky cop that just goes a bit too far. Add in some handcuffs, a wicked hot anal session, and I am totally a goner!
“Not only was this book spicy and totally earns the label of erotica, but it touched me. Somehow this author got me to love both characters, made me crave a good ending for them, and then drew tears from my eyes at the end of the book. Yes, yes, I was crying with Olivia. I won’t tell you why, that would ruin the fun of you reading the story.
“The moment I finished this short, I went in search of the authors other works and can’t wait to read them! It is not an easy task to get that much emotion, storyline, and sex packed into that small of word space. But this author does it for me. She does it, satisfied me, and made me not need more of THIS story, but more from this author in general. If you are in the market for a saucy, quick read, I recommend this!”

5 of 5 Blissful Sweet Peas – Mrs. Condit

“Nicole Austin’s HARD LOVIN’ is a very short, very spicy hot story and in order to not give away any spoilers, this review is going to be very short as well. Olivia is home alone on Valentine’s night after a difficult shift as an ER nurse. Her boyfriend Dex is also doing shift work and will not be able to join her. Olivia’s quiet evening is interrupted by someone banging on her door and… I can’t tell you one more thing. You would be well advised to pick up this short story and read it aloud to your Valentine lover. Things just might get really wild and sexy. Let’s just say Olivia’s vibrator will not be needed this night. And there is a terrific, romantic HEA at the end.”

Donna – You Gotta Read Reviews

“This is a super short story, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was fairly intense throughout and very emotional at the end with lots of hard core sex and fun fantasy play. Ms. Austin’s Hard Lovin’ is well written and very satisfying. Overall a great read.”

4 Feathers from Francesca – Under The Covers

“I have to admit when this book started off I was thinking to myself “How could I be enjoying this, this is obviously wrong?!?!!”. But it was extremely sexy! Olivia opens the door to a cop who just barges in, puts her against the wall for questioning about a guy that they are looking for and that Olivia, as a nurse, had treated. The questioning is a bit more “intimate” than you would think would be appropriate. 😉

“This story was extremely short but I really enjoyed it. It was hot and I liked the couple together a lot. Well done for under 30 pages!”

5 of 5 Paddles – Karen – BDSM Book Reviews

“It’s amazing to see an author pack this much heat and emotion into such a short story.

“…his is a fun read, with a great ending. A perfect short story for bedtime or the doctor’s office.”