Reviews – Naughty Vibrations

Top PickTop Pick from Miz Heart – Miz Love Reviews

“Ah, here’s a tale that will have you seething at one point over the nastiness some women display. Not our heroine, who is adorable, but some females at a party who are jealous of how she looks and how men appreciate her outer packaging. Sara has no clue she has this effect on men, doesn’t see herself that way, which makes you love her even more. Her ex-husband, Richard, is a total weirdo–and I mean weirdo with a capital WUH. He doesn’t seem to get the gist he isn’t married to Sara anymore and says things as though they’re still together. He gave me the damn creeps.

“However, she has the gorgeous Jack, and together they do more than steam up the book pages. Oh my LORD, the sex is HOT and fast, and I loved every bloody word!”

5 stars5 Stars from Carnation – Long and Short Reviews

“I found myself believing this story and the characters as though they were real people. The tale of best friends who find they share a deeper love is a popular and realistic fantasy, here made fresh and fun. This story was also hot and wild all the way, with the toys playing a creative role. This is the first time I’ve read something in an erotic scene that was completely new to me…I won’t give it away!

“Nicole Austin’s timing is perfect and the flow of events and dialog leads the reader on an exciting and absorbing romantic journey that pleases the mind and senses. She’s effectively fluent in her writing skill, especially when describing the good vibrations. Whew! Great job, Ms. Austin!

“I look forward to reading more from this dynamic and accomplished author, and highly recommend, Good Vibrations for a choice read.”