Excerpt – Trip My Switch

Trip My Switch

© Copyright, Nicole Austin
All Rights Reserved

Note: Nicole Austin’s Books are intended for those readers 18 years old or older.

My resolve to join them didn’t last long. Doubts plagued me as I paced the sidewalk outside the café. I was about to walk in the place to face my former lover wearing my heart on my sleeve. It was bold and stupid and inevitable. As impossible as it felt to open the door, it was just as difficult to turn away.

I was fifteen minutes late, but I knew they hadn’t left. At least not through the front door. They would have had to walk right by me. I hoped they’d arrived early since I hadn’t seen them enter the restaurant.

Taking a deep breath, I grabbed the door handle and charged inside before self-doubt took control. A wave of noise hit me when I passed through the entryway. The thick crowd and dim lighting made it difficult to spot them, making me worry. The place was your typical combination bar and restaurant, filled with people there to blow off some steam over the weekend.

I made my way toward the back, anxiously scanning the crowd of couples and families. I saw a woman with dark brown curls standing in the corner. My heart stuttered then beat triple time until she turned her head. Then the adrenaline coursing through my blood stream took a severe crash. It wasn’t her.

Rocking up onto my toes, I peered over the crowd surrounding the bar. When my eyes locked on to Chris’, my heart lodged in my throat and my hand reflexively shot up to cover the lump. The tender reassurance and acceptance in his blue gaze hit me from across the room, drawing me to his side.

He stood to meet me, wrapping me in a fierce embrace. Warm breath tickled my ear as he whispered, “I’m so glad you came.”

Before I had a chance to recover, Marissa was there joining in the hug, enfolding us in her warm arms. “We missed you so much, Sebastian.”

Tears of joy formed at the corners of my eyes. Their easy, unconditional acceptance was a precious gift. Their honest affection and delight in holding me close felt like coming home.

Marissa was the first to pull back. She wiped at my eyes with a cloth napkin and urged me into the center of the circular booth. When the two of them moved in on either side of me, I was surrounded by an intense wall of warmth.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this is what it felt like to have a family. Since I’d never really had one, I didn’t know.

They were very attentive and interested in my week and how I’d reached the decision to give their triad proposal a try. There was no pressure. Marissa and Chris joked and chatted about everything and anything. As the hours passed, I began to relax and found confidence in my decision. Being with the two of them felt right.

It also made me hornier than hell.

Chris’ hand teased my thigh beneath the table, his touch ranging from a gentle brush of fingertips to firm squeezes. Marissa, I found out, was a very touchy person. She would stroke my arm, the nape of my neck and over my chest without even realizing she was doing so.

Growing bold as my desire rose, I slowly pulled her skirt up her legs. My fingers traced intricate patterns over smooth skin. When she spread her legs in invitation, I was delighted to discover the lack of panties and the slick heat of her arousal.

My dominant side surged to the forefront as I remembered her addictive taste. Leaning closer, I nuzzled her ear, taking a deep whiff of the light floral scent. “Stick your fingers in your pussy,” I ordered. “Get them nice and wet. Then I want you to feed me your sweet cream.”

She whimpered but did as she was told, her fingers tangling with mine then plunging into her body. She revealed a touch of shyness, glancing around to make sure she wasn’t being observed, before lifting her hand above the concealment of the tablecloth.

I didn’t open my mouth right away, mesmerized by the slick juices coating her fingers and the musky scent making my nostrils flare. Finally, no longer able to resist, I opened, sucking and swirling my tongue around her fingers, lapping up every delicious drop. She tasted even better than I remembered.

Chris’ deft fingers found my zipper, releasing my cock from the confining denim. His strong hand felt good wrapped around my dick, exerting the perfect amount of pressure with long strokes. On each upstroke, his thumb slid over the crown, spreading my pre-cum.

My own hand delved back between Marissa’s thighs and I thrust two fingers into the tight clench of her pussy. God, I wanted to be inside her so bad.

Chris leaned around me, making sure Marissa could hear him. “Let’s get out of here. I want to suck on this big cock while Bash eats you and you go down on me.”

The vivid images that popped into my head almost made me come. Realizing how close I was, Chris gripped the base of my shaft hard, pressing his thumb over a spot that prevented my spunk from escaping. With the thumb and forefinger of his other hand, he grasped the top of my sac and pulled down, effectively forestalling my climax.

Damn, it was going to be an incredible night. I was sure we’d go to Chris’ house and visit the well-equipped playroom he’d built in the basement. The very room where I’d learned to crave bondage, Dominance and submission.

Tremors ran through Marissa’s body and strong pelvic muscles clamped down on my fingers in an attempt to hold me inside. I didn’t blame her. The thought of stopping held no appeal until I considered her body restrained to the St. Andrew’s cross, held spread open for whatever stimulation I chose to provide. Or better yet…

“Mmm…do you have a two-headed dildo for that fuck machine, Chris?” The gravelly quality of my voice wasn’t surprising considering how worked up I felt.

“Oh hell yeah. Both jelly cocks are long and thick. Marissa enjoys having a big shaft ream her ass, don’t you, baby?”

She was past the ability to speak and merely whimpered in response, sealing the deal.

The rush from public sex and awareness of possible discovery was driving me insane. If we didn’t get out of the café soon, I’d be using my napkin to mop up a pool of cum off my belly.

“Let’s go,” I growled, zipped up my pants, then offered support to Marissa who appeared as shaky as I felt.

To say I was startled by the kiss she laid on me was a serious understatement. Normally, kissing doesn’t do much for me. It’s way too intimate and swapping spit is not my thing, but this… This was amazing.

Since she’s about five inches shorter than my six-foot height, she had to push up onto her toes. Her hands speared through my hair, pulling my lips down to meet hers. It started as a butterfly-light brush, but then her tongue traced the seam of my lips and opened me up to a stunning sensuality I’d never imagined.

Our tongues twirled, teased and tasted. She tickled the roof of my mouth and tingles ran all the way down to my nipples. She cast a spell on me, melting away everything and everyone else as my mouth was devoured by the lips of an angel.

We remained locked together until Chris moved in close behind her, trapping Marissa between us, intruding on the almost spiritual moment. “We need to take this somewhere private.” His voice was husky, filled with a need echoed in my throbbing cock. I longed to share a kiss with him too, but not in the restaurant. If we didn’t leave soon the other diners were going to get quite a show.

“Now! We need to go now.”