Excerpt – Make Mine A Double

Copyright © Nicole Austin, 2017
All Rights Reserved

Note: Nicole Austin’s Books are intended for those readers 18 years old or older.

A warm hand held her breast, nimble fingers teasing the pebbled nipple through the thin material of her camisole. Kaylie gasped as white-hot bolts of lightning shot from her nipple to her aching clit.

She was sure there had been two men loving her body a few seconds ago. They had fucked her in every conceivable position. The thrilling sensations created by their lips, tongues, teeth and hands still lingered on her skin.

Now only one man remained, spooning her from behind. He tugged her body closer, snuggling the hard length of his cock into the crevice of her ass. She flexed her muscles, giving him a squeeze that resulted in a deep moan.

A persistent throbbing in her head intruded on the erotic moment. Kaylie attempted to swallow but her mouth felt drier than the Sahara.

Too much tequila.

She blinked her eyes, stared into a room brightened by moonlight and realized it had all been a dream. One hell of a hot dream that left her soaking wet and aching to orgasm.

The reality of her situation rained on her parade. There weren’t any gorgeous men making love to her. She was alone. Homeless and alone. And she needed an orgasm so bad it hurt.

Time to take matters into her own hands.

Kaylie kicked off the covers and shifted her legs together, freezing in terror as a thick arm banded across her abdomen and dragged her back against a large body.

Oh shit! Panic seized her heart and slammed it against her ribs in an erratic rhythm. She could hardly breathe and fought back against the terror that held her in a tight fist. The man’s hips thrust, sliding his erection between her butt cheeks.

A naked man had somehow gotten into the locked house and crawled in bed with her.

Do something. MOVE! Her brain screamed commands to her body, which, gripped by some serious fear, refused to respond.

Call 9-1-1!

Umm…yeah. Only her cell phone was on the nightstand on the other side of the bed, and the naked man was between it and her. He was also between her and the exit.

Not good. Don’t be the too-stupid-to-live horror-movie victim.

Everything happened at once as her body got with the program and shifted into high gear. With a shrill screech, she tossed off his heavy arm, jerked upright and crouched on the mattress.

The man shifted onto his back with an irritated moan and flung an arm over his eyes.

Who the hell is he?

Right. Immobilize him first, ask questions later.

Spotting the silk tie draped over the headboard, Kaylie made a lunge for it. Her feet got tangled up in the discarded covers, knocking her off balance. One hand managed to close around the tie as she fell right on top of the intruder, her elbow crashing into his head with a loud crack.

Oh fuck! That hurt.

She scrambled to get off him, rising to her knees, one arm hanging limp from the hard blow that jarred her nerves. Kaylie shook her arm and pumped her fist, cringing as pins and needles raced along the appendage. Fortunately she managed to fumble through getting his wrists secured to the headboard without any opposition from him, no doubt due to her having knocked him out cold.

To test the knots, she pulled on his bound wrists, pleased when the tie held. Knowing he was restrained eased a great deal of her tension. She rolled off the bed, moved around to the other side, reached for her cell phone and almost fell again as her feet got jumbled in clothes scattered on the floor. His?

Dialing the phone with fingers that shook, she breathed a sigh of relief when an operator responded after the second ring.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

“A stranger…broke in. He’s naked. I uh…knocked him out. Tied him to the bed.” The words erupted in fits and bursts.

“What’s your address?”

Dead silence. Hell, Kaylie swore she heard crickets chirp in her empty head.

“Ma’am? I can’t send help without the address. It doesn’t show on my computer because you’re not on a landline.”

“I don’t know the fucking address,” she grumbled then disconnected the call. She didn’t think Bella had even told her the address. After work she’d simply followed her friend home.


Oh God, hadn’t Bella said something about sending over a boy toy? She racked her brain, trying to remember their earlier conversation. They’d talked about fantasies and what she looked for in a man, when she looked for a man. But she didn’t have time for a man, she just wanted sex.

“Sounds like you need a fuck buddy.”

She’d thought Bella was teasing, especially when she mentioned having contacts.

“I know this erotic dancer. God, is he beautiful,” Bella had enthusiastically commented. “He works at a local strip club. One phone call and he’d rush right on over to keep you company.”

“She wouldn’t,” Kaylie groaned.