Reviews – Candyman

5 Tombstons from Bitten by Books

“Candyman may be short, but don’t for a second let that fool you into believing that it is insignificant. It starts off intensely and continues to enthrall you until the very end. This short tale is one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Looking for a quick read that you can take for lunch? Check out Nicole Austin’s, Candyman! It will enthrall you and stay in your mind long after you finish it, sighing with satisfaction.”

Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

“The raw emotions that are felt between the two main people will carry through to you over the pages.  The erotic moments are also incredible well described and enjoyable to read.  Because of their love, these scenes add depth to the characters.  This is definitely a book not to be missed!”

4 ½ Hearts from Abi of The Romance Studio

“Michael and Elisa’s love story is emotional and seductive. It seduces the senses with well-written love scenes that curl around the reader leaving a warm glow. What woman wouldn’t want to be loved so completely?”