Savannah’s Vision

Annabelle from Joyfully Reviewed

“If you thought Nicole Austin’s Passionate Realities was hot, get out your HAZMAT suit, because Savannah’s Vision is a scorcher! With so many mouth-watering cowboys, is it any wonder I’m all hot and bothered? Savannah is not only gifted with “second sight,” but she also has an eye for hot alpha hunks. Cord is gorgeous, possessive, caring and he is ripped! And Cord is smart. He knows a good thing when he sees it. Savannah is curvy, loving and full of life. These two are loaded with erotic chemistry.”

4 Hearts from Mandie, Love Romances and More

“Ms. Austin does an excellent job of conveying the intense connection between Savannah and Cord.“There is no lukewarm or vanilla sex in this book, it’s all hot, intense and insatiable all the time!!!… This reviewer highly recommends Savannah’s Vision to anyone looking for a smoking hot read on a cold winter night!!” “Add a thrilling plot and four hunky cowboys to the already highly flammable Cord and Savannah, and you have a book that will make you beg for more. And thank goodness there will be more! Savannah’s Vision is the first in the Corralled series. I am beside myself waiting for more cowboys, more red-hot sex and more from Nicole Austin!” Sarah from The Romance Reader’s Connection

“Savannah is a wild, carefree, fun loving woman who loves practical jokes and living dangerously.  Work is important, but she has an inheritance, so does not have to work if she does not want to. Cord is a bit more conventional and does not quite understand this enigmatic woman.  Their relationship does not come easy, but is rewarding to see unfold. I enjoyed my time with Savannah and Cord, and believe most readers will too. They are deep characters with fears and emotions that come across as genuine.  SAVANNAH’S VISION is well worth picking up for an entertaining read. Besides, did I mention the sex was hot?”

Ellen from The Road to Romance

“This story is SO VERY HOT I’m surprised I didn’t burst into flames while reading it.  It fulfills every cowboy fantasy imaginable, especially “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”.  I loved the characters of Savannah and Cord.  Savannah wondered if her gift would prevent her from ever having acceptance and unconditional love from a mate.  When Cord first came to the ranch, he felt a sense of coming home.  When he met Savannah, he felt overwhelming chemistry and an immediate mating urge.  Savannah has a tremendous lust for life and at the ranch she is surrounded by hot, handsome cowboys.  Cord is handsome, possessive, protective and caring.  The eroticism between Savannah and Cord is so intense and so beautifully written by Ms. Austin.  There are many supporting characters whose stories closely overlap that of Savannah and Cord.  They are Riley, Brock, Jesse and Zeke, the four cowboys who work on the ranch; Tamara, Savannah’s friend, and Wyatt, a sleazy neighboring rancher.”

“This book is Book 1 of the Corralled Series by Ms. Austin.  I can’t wait to read future stories about more hot handsome cowboys, sizzling sex and wildly erotic relationships like the one shared between Savannah and Cord.  I recommend this book to anyone looking for a hot read.” 

A.M. Love from Erotic Escapades

“Nicole Austin is a seasoned writer and her second novel is extremely well written. There aren’t any jumps or holes in the story and the plot flows like cream!  The characters in this book all had a depth to them so that you felt as if you were reading about people that you have known for years!  The sex is so hot that the pages will burn your fingers!  There is no way that you can read this story in one sitting without needing some relief afterwards!”“Savannah’s Vision has all the elements of a great book; a little suspense, a bit of mystery behind the hero, hardship for the heroine, and supporting characters that just cry out to have their own story! The cowboys of Savannah’s Vision make me want to go to Montana and hunt down my own cowboys! I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in this series! Nicole Austin has done it again!!!”

P. Grant from Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Cord and Savannah are likeable characters with deep wells of emotion and pride. The instant arc of attraction between the two of them leads to a sexual bonding beyond anything that either of them has ever known, but Savannah’s worried that her secret will drive them apart. The heated attraction draws these two into their first sexual encounter rather quickly, but it doesn’t seem hurried. In fact, with Savannah’s visions spilling over into erotic dreams, it seems quite natural. But there’s a shadow moving into the couple’s future and Cord is going to have to contend not only with his own feelings over Savannah’s gift, but also protect her from a danger that threatens their future.  Ms. Austin has a fine hand, not only with the extraordinary sex scenes between her characters but with the love that ultimately entwines them. Savannah’s Vision is a first rate, red-hot read on a cold night.”

Briana Burress from Romance Junkies

“Grab your libidos and hang on for the ride of your life as you experience the erotically charged love between a cowboy and his wild filly in SAVANNAH’S VISION.  Nicole Austin will keep your juices flowing and your heart aching as you read this sexually explicit story.”

Marissa from Novelspot

“There is something about cowboys that is sexy. From the Marlboro Man to the men who belong in the PBR, they have sex appeal to burn. Nicole Austin’s book Savannah’s Vision, Book one in the Corralled series, slaps you right in the middle of cowboy country.

Ms. Austin is new to my bookshelf, but I can honestly say that I am looking forward to future installments to this series. Savannah’s Vision reminded me of the cowboys I used to work with. When they weren’t trying to make it big in the rodeo circuit, we rode the fences and took care of the herd, and, more often than not, knocked off a day to go mudding and act like kids. We too had to get hosed off in the yard before we were allowed to set one foot in the house.”

Glenda K. Bauerle from The Romance Studio

“The author writes in a very descriptive manner giving the reader a wonderful view of Savannahs surroundings. The picture of Cord massaging Savannah or the visual image one has of Savannah dancing in the moonlight on the way to get Moon Dancer; very very nice. It was a good feeling to see that Savannah discovered the good side of her gift; that not all her memories would be of bad experiences. That sexy Cord; you just love a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to take it. I’m looking forward to future stories with the other cowboys. Very enjoyable reading.”     

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