Reviews – My Greatest Fantasy

 Golden Nib Award from Miz McHonry – Miz Love Books

“WOW! What a book! This one had me hooked from the very first sentence. “This whole wild ride started while I was indulging my newest guilty pleasure – voyeurism.” Phew! It just gets better and better as you turn the pages.

“Bella is a great character! She’s feisty and tough at work; she has to be, but at home she loves to sit back and enjoy the view from her balcony—and I don’t mean the powdery sand and the glorious sunsets Florida has to offer! Oh no! The three hot guys next door are ample entertainment for any hot-blooded woman; add in the fact Bella has denied herself love and sex as she’s concentrated on her career, this makes for explosive action when the voyeur finally visits her horny neighbours.

“Ryhs is delicious and one hell of an actor—the role play scene in the middle of the book had me all in a fluster. I want a Rhys!! He’s tough and gorgeous and man enough to accept his desires—with the help of Bella—and the story abounds with heart-stoppingly steamy sex scenes between the two of them and extras.

“The prose is artfully written, particularly Bella’s internal monologue. Travelling with her on this wild ride felt very personal. Understanding her fears and reactions to situations was effortless as the snappy dialogue and heartfelt emotions pulled me along. I was rooting for her and Rhys but also for the others to find their happy ever after too; because the secondary characters, Max and Brayden, are delicious and I can only hope that the talented Ms Austin has more stories in her head which feature these guys!

“My Greatest Fantasy is all about satisfaction. Satisfaction on every physical and emotional level you can think of. It has a fast-paced plot and sumptuous scenes making it a must read for fans of contemporary erotic romance, though even if that’s not normally your cup of tea, treat yourself to this one, you won’t regret it!”

5 Sires Stones from Stacey Krug – Siren Book Reviews
“Nicole Austin’s story, My Greatest Fantasy, is an erotic tale complete with hot, steamy sex scenes that will have the reader glued to the pages. This is a very hard story to put down. The plot twists keep the story moving and the pages turning.
“I really liked the main character Bella; she is easy to identify with in the story and displays very human female personality characteristics. I loved Bella’s complete surrender as she abandoned control of her sexual restrictions. I was laughing out loud at Bella’s descriptions of domestic living with a man.

“The men in this story, Rhys, Brayden, and Max, help Bella experience her sexual fantasies. Bella in turn helps them to remain close. Their wild escapades will leave the reader breathless. The relationship progression between the characters takes on realistic aspects and problems. It helped the characters seem a little more real on the pages.

“My Greatest Fantasy is a story that shows how love can take many different guises from friend to lover. You won’t want to miss out on these character’s adventures.”

5 Hearts from Michele – The Romance Studio
This story will blow you away. First with the raw sexual hunger which combusts between all these characters and with the wonderful way the author writes dialogue. Nicole Austin’s writing is funny, sexy, raw and very real. You will feel like you’re talking with your girlfriend. Bella dishes it out never holding back; speaking frank and honest about how she feels and what she wants even when she is scared or insecure. There is humor throughout this story and a depth of character and plot you may not expect with such great sex scenes. Ms. Austin has written a humorous love story that will fold you in warmth and smiles while still wiping your tights from the last explosion. The story spans enough time you feel connected to the characters and are able to see how and if the many relationships in this story are able to survive. It is easy to think of Bella as a friend who you would share the ups and downs of life with. You will easily support all her hard work ethics and cheer for her joy when she gets the guy(s). I highly suggest getting My Greatest Fantasy for a hot sexy story you will read many times!”

4.5 Cherries from SweetPea- Whipped Cream Reviews
“Wouldn’t we all love to have our deepest desires made into reality, even more so if we find true love in the process?

“Isabella Blackburn is a very sexual creature, but she reins it in to the best of her abilities. After numerous nights of spying on her sexy neighbors and their sexual exploits on the deck, she is surprised to get an invitation to join in the fun. The foursome eventually turned into more, when she fell madly in love with Rhys. Marriage changes everything not only for the couple but the friends that brought them together too.

“Rhys and Isabella are a great couple, both honest with their sexuality, which makes them even stronger as characters. The chemistry in the book was explosive, not only between Rhys and Isabella, but also between Max and Brayden. One of the best things is that everyone got their happily ever after. I wasn’t left wondering about what happened and I loved that.

“This book is filled with steamy sex and even sexier men. Written in the heroine’s point of view you still fall madly in love with the other characters in the book. Ms. Austin does a great job of describing everything to where you feel a part of the book and making you want to read more. This is definitely worth the read.”

Top Pick Five stars and Top Pick by Trish from Night Owl Reviews
”Read this exciting story of Bella, Rhys, Brayden and Max… I did and loved it. I don’t think I have ever been disappointed by Nicole Austin and this was right up there on top.”

  From Drea Becraft
“Yet another win from Nicole Austin. To say that this book is steamy is a vast understatement. Right from the get go you are sucked into the wonderful lust filled world, with no want to let go. I have read many of Nicole books over the past year and with each one I fall more and more in love. Rhys and Isabella are a phenomenal couple. Both are open and honest in their sexual desires with each other. Isabella is a great lead heroine, her need to spy is histerical. I laughed so hard when she was caught red-handed. Rhys was also a great man, both caring and sensual. Boy wouldn’t I mind having a man like that as a neighbor like that. Brayden and Max, although secondary characters, had me at hello. I can’t wait for their story, although I am just as happy with them together. I loved this book and can’t wait for my next Nic Fix.”

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