Reviews – Spontaneous Combustion


Chrissy from Romance Junkies gave a 5 blue ribbon rating to Dreams Of The Oasis I:
“Ellora’s Cavemen are back, this time with Dreams of the Oasis. This book contains six sizzling stories told in a variety of genres that will tempt, tease, and excite readers everywhere… Each of these authors have penned exciting tales full of passion with wonderful storylines. This is definitely a book I’d recommend adding to the keeper shelf. Nicole Austin gives us a deliciously wicked fantasy of having our deepest desires fulfilled. Let’s face it, we all have fantasies. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to indulge just once?”

Here’s what Sarah W. from Fallen Angel Reviews had to say about Spontaneous Combustion and Dreams of the Oasis I
 “Overall, this anthology features some strong characterizing, original plots, and plenty of steamy encounters to move the stories along. This is a great collection of stories from some of Ellora’s Cave’s best writers.”“Nicole Austin steams up the pages with Spontaneous Combustion. Jake and Maddy create some scorching heat together. It’s always intriguing watching friends become lovers and luckily, Ms. Austin manages to spice up this romance cliché with some definite hot and erotic moments. However, it’s when they finally sit down and talk that the real emotional connection finally happened for this reader. Ms. Austin has served a scorcher in Spontaneous Combustion.”

Anya Khan from Just Erotic Romance Reviews gives Spontaneous Combustion a 5 Star rating and an Orgasmic heat level
“Ellora’s Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis I is an unusual anthology. While some stories are good, others are flat out phenomenal. Spontaneous Combustion represents another of my favorite Romantica™ stories – shocking but with a logical plotline and really hot sex. This is the one facet that runs throughout the entire anthology: Great Sex. This book will curl your toes and make you glad of it. The paranormal aspect is a part of most of the novellas, but women finding themselves and handling their new lives with determination connects most of the stories… I can easily recommend this anthology to any and all.”

Here’s what Ophelia from Erotic Escapades had to say about Spontaneous Combustion and Dreams of the Oasis I
“Spontaneous Combustion by Nicole Austin is a hot read. The erotic escapades of this tale left me panting for more. Jake and Maddy’s chemistry together is explosive.””Ellora’s Cavemen: Dreams of Oasis Vol. 1 is filled with beautifully passionate tales to keep the reader entertained. On a whole this book was fabulous. I liked all of the stories, but a few of them were fantastic. This book is a jewel that should be added to the romantica reader’s bookshelf.”

Reviewer's Choice AwardCandy from Ecata Romance gave a 5 stars to Dreams Of The Oasis I:
“Ellora’s Cave has collected some of today’s best writers and produced one of the best collections published. This collection is one of the best anthologies I have read in a long time. When the reader gets to the end of one story, he/she is plunged directly into another one. I did not want this book to end. Each story has page turning plots and hot sex. I think this is one of the best anthologies that Ellora’s Cave has produced.”

4 Flags from Holly, Euro-Reviews
“This is one hot story. Do all good catholic girls have this steamy a fantasy life? Spontaneous Combustion is well written where you feel Maddy’s excitement as well as her discomfort over truly getting what she wants. Don’t we all have a childhood crush that we’d love to truly have lived out a fantasy with for even one night? This one lives up to the expectations!”

4 Stars from Leigh Rowling, Romantic Times Book Reviews
“It’s truly ‘Spontaneous Combustion’ when Maddy’s best friend, Jake, promises to fulfill her darkest fantasies. Prepare to be titillated by Austin’s short story.”

Glenda K. Bauerle from The Romance Studio gives Spontaneous Combustion  4 ½ hearts

“Spontaneous Combustion by Nicole Austin – Jake is different tonight. Her best pal, who inspires the naughtiest thoughts in Maddy’s mind, is whispering in her ear naughty, delicious tidbits while licking and lapping near her earlobe… up till this very moment, she’s always been one of the guys. There had never been anything sexual between them; they actually were the best of pals. So what in the world is going on? And the night will bring a few more surprises… **dee-licious**”

Nikita Steele, Joyfully Reviewed
Whew!  Now I know what reading a wicked, naughty sexual Spontaneous Combustion story feels like.  From start to finish, the plot is filled with luscious, steamy, sinful sexual images – whether as a fantasy or a real act.  Throughout this read, I was in a constant state of arousal.  Nicole Austin did a superb job of making me squirm around in my seat with heated desire and had me wishing for my own firefighter to put out my internal flame.”

Nicole Harvey, ParaNormal Romance
“Ms. Austin brings this fantasy to life. Wow, Nicole Austin did it again, she knows how to fill you with descriptions of the characters and the places they live that can blow you away. She builds the story and shows you the love that these two share for each other that just pulled at my heart, and made me wish that they would get what they deserved, each other. This world she built was full of fantasy that came to full life and vivid detail and made me feel I was right there with them. That shows a gift of words that brings the story to life. I can’t wait to read more by Ms. Austin in the future.”