The Boy Next Door

Nannette from Joyfully Reviewed

“The Boy Next Door is a fun and sexy story. I enjoyed the wild and fun lifestyle Cathy led before Blake returned, but I love the commitment and searing passion that she shares with Blake even more. Cathy plays the part of a wicked temptress, but, in truth, her heart lies with just one man. Blake is a gorgeous hero who is both possessive and tender. The ending is so very romantic. The Boy Next Door is a steamy, touching, highly recommend read!”

Desiree from Erotic Escapades

“Using the edge created from attending the school of hard knocks, the heroine drafted by Nicole Austin, gives women everywhere a reason to hold their heads up. Gutsy and talented while living with the hollowness created from a lost love, Cathy shows women you can still persevere. I love it when an author allows me to see the flaws of the characters but still shows that it doesn’t stop them from excelling. Blake was sexy and an ideal choice for the woman Cathy grew into. I enjoyed the pace of The Boy Next Door, the heat in the relationship and the growth these two experienced while deciding to choose love.

Danny from Love Romances

“Nicole Austin spins with The Boy Next Door, a beautiful and hot story with two fantastic main characters… With all these problems, explosive encounters between them are preprogrammed and the sparks are flying between the two. Add some really interesting and fascinating secondary characters and you have the perfect mixture for a real keeper. This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the book and could not stop reading. Nicole Austin is an auto-buy for this reviewer. This reviewer can hardly wait to read more from her.”

Ce Ce Johns from Romance Reviews Today

“THE BOY NEXT DOOR quickly grabs your interest and draws you into a spicy story featuring the two sides of a woman’s sexuality. Interesting characters and a fascinating story will make you thoroughly enjoy THE BOY NEXT DOOR.”

Shayla from Romance Junkies gives The Boy Next Door 4 Blue Ribbons

“When a long gone hunky neighbor returns, what’s a girl to do but welcome him home, or does she?”“THE BOY NEXT DOOR is a fantasy most women dream about. Who wouldn’t want a cute neighbor that goes away only to come back a hunk? Nicole Austin’s story is a high-quality read with all the right twists and turns.”

Tasha Fisher from Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4 Star rating, and a Hot heat level

“This is my first book by Ms. Austin and will definitely not be my last; she has made a fan of me. If you have ever had a thing for your brother’s friend or a close neighbor you can relate to Cat and how she felt about Blake. “The pace of the story is steady. The idea of the plot is a great one and it’s something that a lot of people, men and women alike, can relate to. The encounters between Cat and Blake will keep you glued to your seat in more ways than one. Together they make a great couple and will have you wetting your seat with all of their close calls, but when they finally get all of the clothes off, look out. Ms. Austin made a field goal with this book.”

Kristi Ahlers from Romantic Times Magazine

“Austin’s sexy read should appeal to all fans of erotica. Well-developed characters with steamy chemistry engage from the get-go. The tastefully written love scenes are sizzling yet believable. The past relationship between the two main characters adds to the tension.”

4 Quills from Debbie H –

“The Boy Next Door by Nicole Austin is a well written story of two hearts that have always belonged together. Though life has kept them apart for various reasons it is easy to see that Cathy and Blake belong together. And when they finally get together they very nearly set the pages on fire. But it is the emotional pull that had this reader eagerly turning the pages. “Cathy is dealing with some serious issues of abandonment and trust. Ms. Austin refused to sweep them under the rug instead using them to intensify the emotional pull of the story. Blake didn’t come without his own issues as well and the constant tug on both lead characters keeps you enthralled in the story and rooting for these two to find their happily ever after with each other. Ms Austin scores another divine read with The Boy Next Door!”

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