Step Benefits

Warning: Reader Beware – the books listed below are highly flammable and are likely to cause spontaneous reader combustion!

While this is a series, each story can stand on its own and be read in any order.

Step Benefits – The Complete Series

Coming March 2018

Individual Stories



Cinderella Scandal – Step Benefits 1
It was a onetime indulgence—a random encounter between strangers. A good girl’s dirty little secret with her bad boy stepbrother. Anything else is forbidden. Or is it?


Dirty Princess


Dirty Princess – Step Benefits 2
I’m sure there’s a rule in the friend code that makes lusting after your bestie forbidden. But if giving in to this off-the-charts chemistry is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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Royal Brat – Step Benefits 3
Loving two men, my stepbrothers, got me exiled to a foreign country. Without them I’m lost and alone, cast adrift on turbulent seas without a compass or rudder. In order to finally be together we’ll have to navigate a course through the landmine infested waters of my traumatic past.

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Ice Queen – Step Benefits 4
In school, he was the bad boy this good girl couldn’t have. At work, he’s the boss, I’m his intern. Oh, and his dad just married my mom. It’s so wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this, but I love it.

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Queen of Hearts – Step Benefits 5
One CIA operative on a mission to take down human traffickers. Three former Army Rangers out to reclaim a cache of stolen weapons. When their worlds inevitably collide it’s taboo, forbidden and explosive.



Dark Knight – Step Benefits 6
Coming Soon

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