Mimosa Night

5 Shamrocks from Jennifer, ck2s kwips and kritiques
“Grab your own Mimosa and settle in comfortably, because you won’t be stopping until you finish this one! Nicole Austin & TK Winters have cleverly entwined several stories that might have served in an anthology into a captivating singular chronicle! Using the ‘story within a story’ device, we are treated to not just one romance, but four, artfully joined by the primary story of Reba’s fantasies.“Short enough to read in one evening, Mimosa Night is yet long enough to satisfy the reader with plenty of plot to tie the romances together. As this story contains extremely spicy scenes with a variety of sexual themes, including Ménage, group sex, and voyeurism, I would not recommend it for readers with delicate sensibilities. But for those of us with a bit more daring in our fantasies, this is a must-read!”

Recommened ReadJo from Joyfully Reviewed has named Mimosa Night a Joyfully Recommended Read
“Mimosa Night is…WOW! That is how I felt all the way though. There is so much I want to tell you about these women’s stories, but I just can’t without saying too much. What I will tell you is that I found the expression and emotions in Mimosa Night so well and classily written that I just could not put it down. I was extremely sorry to have to close Mimosa Night at the end.“Mimosa Night is a story I loved while reading it and I know that I will be re-reading it many times and it will stay on my keeper shelf. Mimosa Night is a story that I just had to put as one of my highly recommended books – and I have.”

Susan from Two Lips Reviews gave Mimosa Night 4 Lips
“Mimosa Night is just plain HOT with all the fantasies coming to life so vividly. These two sisters write so well together it makes you wonder if this is really a work of fiction. There was just no putting the book down before I had consumed the last word. Mimosa Night is definitely going on my recommend list.”

Tallyn Porter from Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave Mimosa Night 5 Stars and a Heat level of O (Orgasmic)
“This is a highly erotic and romantic tale about four women and their fantasies. Each fantasy is more erotic than the next! These sex scenes are so absolutely and delightfully hot that toys and partners are a must. With oral, anal, dual penetration, exhibitionism and light BDSM, the story definitely kept this reader unable to concentrate on anything else, not only for the abundance of very naughty bits but for such wonderful and diverse main characters… I highly recommend this erotic collaboration from Ms. Austin and Ms. Winters for providing such a fun and sensual ambiance that will leave you wanting to create and experience your own fantasies. A definite keeper!”

Suni Farrar from Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave Mimosa Night 4/5 Stars and a Heat level of O (Orgasmic)
“I’m still fanning myself from the steam Mimosa Night generated. Nicole Austin and T.K. Winters created a masterpiece of gluttonous proportions. I connected with each woman while reading their individual story. Each tale was hotter than the last until it was Reba’s turn. I could not wait to see what was in store for her. Let me just say that when I finished all my senses had been touched.

“It was such a good story with a plot and characters that held my attention. The story never lagged in the entertainment department. I had to put it down on several occasions in order to regroup. The sex was that hot. All readers be warned. I’m going to find everything Ms. Austin and Ms. Winters ever wrote. I love to live dangerously.”

Deb from Sensual Reads & Reviews
“Mimosa Night was written by two sensuous women, Nicole Austin and Teri K Winters. If you want to put a spark into your fantasies you must read the book, it will have you ready, willing, and very able to put your fantasies to the test. I know I truly enjoyed myself.”

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