Reviews – Make Mine A Double

Top Pick5 Stars and Top Pick by Trish of Night Owl Reviews
“I was anxious to read this sequel to ‘Greatest Fantasy’, because I met Max and Brayden and just couldn’t wait to read their story, and believe me it was worth the wait.

“Ever covet what your best friend and neighbor has? Could there be a woman like Bella our there for the two of you? Would traveling the world help you find her or could it be just like in OZ, “there’s no place like home? Max and Brayden are about to find out.

“All men are jerks and Steve is the biggest, he really took Kaylie not only for a ride, he took her for everything she had, she is not only broke but also homeless. Thanks to her friend Bella she’s now at least has one gorgeous pad to crash in, since the owners, best buds to Bella and her hubby Rhys are traveling abroad.

“What happens when you mix a person who has drunk too much Tequila and one who has overdosed on Nyquil? Maybe the beginning of something great! Are there really ‘Fairy Tales’ and ‘a happily ever after’s’?

“I love the books by Nicole Austin and when I read Bell and Rhys story just knew that Max and Brayden would eventually get their story. I wasn’t disappointed….Nicole Rocks!”

I would give this book and extra 5 if I could …just for “Hotness”.

5 Hunks from Carla – RomFan Reviews
“This book was so hot, I’m amazed my ereader didn’t catch fire. The explosive chemistry between these three characters was amazing to witness. Both Max and Brayden balance each other out, and Kaylie does an amazing job tying them all together. Watching Kaylie struggling with two jobs to pay off the debt her ex left behind is sad, but she never complains or asks for help, which drives Max crazy. Personally, I’d be fine with two super hot guys wanting to take care of me, but that’s something Kaylie must accept on her own time. Great story, and the sex in this book was amazing. I need a cold shower just thinking about it. :)”

4 Hearts from Angela – Sizzzling Hot Book Reviews
“Make Mine a Double is so easy to get trapped in, and I‘m not complaining. Kaylie is such a realistic modern women, you can’t help but be on her cheer leading squad. While Max and Brayden are both lovable in their deferent respects. The three of them make for some naughty, very enjoyable ménage scenes. I would recommend this to many but if you are shy of the men being lovers in a ménage, then you should take caution to Make Mine a Double. Although, you might find yourself enjoying the fantasy more than you thought.”

Emily – Sensual Reads
“Charming story, I cracked up when they initially meet. Kaylie flits around with so much gusto that she becomes an instant favorite heroine, she is a perfect match for domineering Max and easy going Brayden. Wonderful read.”

4 cups from Lototy – Coffee Time Romance
“The fear of wanting something so badly you can taste it is portrayed so vividly in the actions of Max, Brayden and Kaylie. Max is the dominant, Brayden the peacekeeper and Kaylie the spark that ignites both men into a frenzy of love and lust. Reading the passion not only in the bedroom but in the hearts of these characters is incredibly erotic and it is easy to fall head over heels for these three lovers. Ms. Austin stokes the flames of desire for her characters as well as her readers, and the inevitable explosion leaves everyone burning for more.”

4 Kisses – Julianne – Two Lips Reviews
“Ms. Austin writes a steamy, hot read that kept me turning the pages and then I needed a cold shower when I finished it. All of the characters complimented each other very well and they had depth and lots of emotion. Make Mine A Double is an enjoyable read that will leave you panting for more. I’m definitely going to read My Greatest Fantasy to see how Bella, Rhys, Max, and Brayden got together.”

Recommended Read – Ashleigh – Romancing the Book
“This was a great ménage story that wasn’t always about the sexual aspect of this type of relationship, Nicole Austin really showed that there is more than just sex with this and made the characters so lovable that the story flew by and I was really sad to see it end. I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with in the future, because if it’s anything like this story I am sure it will be great!”

lovely roseCrystal from Romancing the Book
“Menage’s aren’t usually my thing. I’m glad that I read this one. You get to see how three people can make a relationship work. It takes a lot for just two people. Could you just imagine adding another one into the mix. You get to see everyone’s personality.

“You have a woman that is used to taking care of herself and her bills. Max is used to taking care of everything and he wants to take care of Kaylie. Brayden is usually the peace maker. I think the author did a wonderful job with the storyline. I really enjoyed all the characters and and learning about them more throughout the story.

“I will now read more menage’s because I’ve got the chance to understand them better. I can see the possibilities and love that can happen between everyone involved.”