Passionate Realities

Michelle – Fallen Angel Reviews – 5 Angel Rating & Recommended Read
“Passionate Realities is a scorcher of a story and a page-turning delight for the senses. Nicole Austin breathes life, lust and love into her characters with a passion and verve that will arouse and entertain readers. Cassandra’s sidebar conversations with her imaginary wild goddess are both hot and hilarious as she seeks to break out of her sexually repressed shell…This story has it all, and you’ll love learning everything about Passionate Realities.”

Susan White – Coffee Time Romance – Rating – 5 Cups
“Cassandra, Aiden, and Travis are extremely sexy characters who fit together seamlessly…The plot line is exactly what I enjoy reading, and my eyes were riveted to the pages the whole time I was reading the book…She has a knack for creating heroes that are sexier than sin and for writing love scenes that can steal your breath away. Passionate Realities is an extraordinary book that I am sure I will reread repeatedly.”

Reviewer: Raashema for Euro-reviews – Rating: 5 Flags (excellent) – Heat rating: 2 Flames (erotic)
“Passionate Realities is one HOT read! This is a really great story that happens to have some swelteringly torrid love scenes. Even if you took out all of the erotic scenes the story could stand on its own with a rating of 5…Ms Austin tweaks every emotion that the human psyche can encompass…This book has everything that you want in a good read…Ms Nicole Austin has done what every author in the romance industry strives to do…give us a story with simply everything.”

Keely Skillman, EcataRomance Reviews – Rating: 5 Stars
“Passionate Realities by Nicole Austin is a powerhouse of emotion and beauty! I actually cried and laughed along with the characters and even had a bit of a panic attack along with Cassandra…Ms. Austin has created a plot that is just superb with nice little suspenseful twists…Passionate Realities has made my bedside to-be-read-again pile and it is currently on the top.”

Reviewer: Aggie Tsirikas – JERR – Rating: 4/5 Stars – Heat level: O (Orgasmic)

“Ms. Austin does a skilful job in creating wonderful scenes to build up the sexual tension between her characters. When put together, they are explosive; there are some very stimulating, panty-wetting scenes to turn you on. The menage a trois scenario is fresh and interesting, and will have you glued to your seat until you finish the entire story…I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Passionate Realities to readers. This is an outstanding effort for a first publication. Ms. Austin is an author to look out for.”

Luisa, Cupid’s Library Reviews – Cupid-Plot-Factor: 3 1/2 Cupid-Pleasure-Factor: 4
“Passionate Realities, Ms. Austin debut novel is a very good read. I would recommend this one to readers who love beautiful, charming and caring men, a strong heroine and some HOT love scenes. You won’t be disappointed!”

Recommended ReadJoyfully Recommended by Jo of Joyfully Reviewed

 “Ms. Austin has a love story of discoveries for all of the parties involved that kept me on the edge of my seat.  Of course the sex is hot, but I found that it was the feelings portrayed so well and openly was what caught and kept my attention in this story.  Passionate Realities is a must read that will have a permanent place on my shelf and one I plan on re-reading several times.”

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