Foxy Lady

4 Dragons from Megan, Veiled Secrets Reviews
“With tension levels that cannot be contained Foxy Lady keeps you on the edge of your seat from the very first word. With danger around every corner your left to wonder if Shira and Lex will survive let along work out their various issues!
“Shira is a strong capable soldier who deals with the change in her genetics much better than some of the others in the Predators series so far. Lex is pretty unforgiving for a medic but it fits really well with his military background. His continued torture of Shira seemed a little excessive but the situation was pretty extreme. The sex, even while Lex is saying he hates Shira is hot with definite undertones of caring. If you love shifters, alpha males and kick ass females you will love Foxy Lady.”

4 Stars from Susan, Night Owl Romance
“Nicole Austin has written a deliciously wild tale that leaves the reader panting for more. Shira is a strong, butt-kicking heroine that pumps adrenaline into the story and reader with the action, romance and the sizzling passion that overwhelms both her and Lex. Lex is a sexy, take-charge guy that needless to say keeps the conflict going between Shira and himself with his arrogance. Foxy Lady is a great story that unfolds with an engaging plot and a witty dialog. Ms Austin created a well-rounded story with her memorable characters. I look forward to reading more of the Predator series along with her future novels because I know there is always a great story waiting for me. Enjoy!”

4.5 Stars, Heat level Orgasmic from Tallyn, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
“Foxy Lady is the third installment of the Predator series which can be read separately. Having not read the previous stories I found myself easily drawn to this story which begins quickly and doesn’t stop momentum as this story unfolds. Shira is a very strong, intectual, and spunky character just like her inner animal the crafty red fox. Lex is an intelligent, calm and collective character which portrays his inner animal quite well. But the combination of these two characters is just explosive on the human and animal level. They may hate each other as humans but there inner animal recognizes that they belong together. The love scenes are quite animalistic laced with such passion that toys are a must. The way Shira and Lex egged each other on as humans was quite comical and a reader can’t help but love these two characters. I enjoyed all the excitement, fighting and suspense this story produced making me want to cheer out loud as the plot unraveled. The jungle/forest environment definitely helps to create such a secretive ambience which heightens the excitement. The secondary characters are very interesting and definitely provide the background information on the Predator Project, which only made me want to read the first two stories in this series. Ms. Austin has woven a thrilling paranormal romance full of adventure and excitement in Foxy Lady.”

Mirands from Joyfully Reviewed
“Foxy Lady is one hot seduction. When Shira and Lex are together the sparks fly. I loved the teasing between the two of them. They both think they are one-upping the other, yet they are really seducing each other. Shira and Lex are both strong, stubborn people not willing to give in. It is great to see them both face the feelings that they have for each other. I love that Shira calls him Lexilicious and the entire scene with the sex toy was priceless I was laughing hysterically! I have been waiting for Lex’s story since the first book in the series Cat’s Meow because he was so funny and endearing and I was not disappointed with Foxy Lady. Foxy Lady brought back the characters from the first two books. I really enjoyed catching up with Micah and Becca from Cat’s Meow and the introduction of her father was great! Foxy Lady was fast-paced adventure with an excellent twist on the evil villain.”

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