Nancy Eriksen from ParaNormal Romance
“Excellent read, wonderful sex and a grand plot all add up to time worth spent with Ms. Austin’s book, Flyboy.”


5 Angels from Rachel C. of Fallen Angel Reviews

“Flyboy by Nicole Austin is a welcome addition to The Hussies series, the thought of a group of warriors known as the Hussies is enough to make any woman proud to be female; especially when they’re fighting evil at every turn and saving the world. Ms. Austin’s writing never fails to grab you and she’s not shy about turning up the heat either. Already a fan of Ms. Austin’s writing I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in Flyboy and neither will you.”


Four tombstones from Sarai of Bitten By Books

“Okay, so not only is this couple endearing and yummy, but the growth of character is well done on Nicole Austin’s part, as Jhett and Twyla travel to a very dark place and gain the knowledge of past lives to find out what strength really is. I enjoyed the characterization of Twyla. I also enjoyed the interaction with the team which added a splash of humor to a fairly dramatic story…. I give Nicole Austin props for writing an intriguing addition to a kick ass series.”

Outstanding Read from Stephanie of Simply Romance Reviews

“Flyboy is a very hot sexy read. If you like a tortured hero who finds strength in his lady’s acceptance of him-Flyboy is for you. The book is definitely an enjoyable read and keeps you interested from cover to cover.”

WitchGiggles, from
“This series is such fun to read. Women who rule themselves, fight alongside their men, men who are strong ,yet reasonable (well as much as they can be, at any rate), great shenanigans to keep me rooted to the pages, suspense, and some scorchingly erotic sex in unusual places (secretly my favorite kind). Throw in the fact it’s written with enough realism to make it believable, humor to lighten it and you’ve got a really good read.”

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