Eye of the Tiger

5 Stars from T.S. Peters, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
“I think readers will enjoy the intensely passionate love scenes. Every one of them is HOT and feels like a reaffirmation of a truly deep relationship. Eye of the Tiger is a read that I will be adding to my collection of favorites and that I would happily recommend to anyone.”

Mirands from Joyfully Reviewed
““Eye of the Tiger is a smart, sexy, hot story. I just totally fell in love with Jenny and Nash. Their story is so sweet it had me tearing up at one point. Jenny is a straight-talking, independent woman. Jenny brings the funny to Eye of the Tiger. She has a fight with her GPS—who doesn’t! She gets into the middle of a Lion, Tiger face-off and tells them to, ‘Play nice kitties. Ignore the silly human. You’ll have a better time chasing each other.
“Jenny has many great one liners that will make you laugh hysterically. Nash is a strong man that can show his soft side. I really liked the twist of how they ended up on that same road at the same time. I love the fact that Eye of the Tiger is drastically different from the first book in the series, Cat’s Meow. Instead of focusing on the horrible Nanotech, Eye of the Tiger focused on Jenny and Nash’s relationship, their reunion, and the new complications of Nash having his DNA altered. Eye of the Tiger has the purrfect combination of fiery passion and action.”

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