Passionate Realities

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Excerpt :

“Welcome home. How was your trip?” Nervous laughter escaped her lips.

The expression in his eyes was raw, naked hunger. She pulled on the restraints, arching toward him.

His erection was full and aching, pressed painfully against his pants. His hands were sweaty, and a fine line of perspiration broke out over his brow. He’d never been so turned on in his entire life. “Mine,” he rasped possessively.

Tracing his hand slowly over one restrained ankle, Aiden froze as his mind began to make connections. Restraining herself to the bed was a physical impossibility. Someone had tied her naked body to his bed, and whoever it was had made her wet. That thought brought a murderous rage with it. He would kill the person who had dared to touch his woman. “Who the hell restrained you, baby?”

Cassandra did not know about Travis’s declaration to Aiden, otherwise she would have protected his identity. “There’s only one other person in the world I’d trust to help me with something like this.” She watched his face, worried about the fury that shadowed his expression. “Travis helped me and then waited outside so I wouldn’t be alone.”

Reaching the doors in a few quick strides, Aiden brutally yanked them open. Travis stood in the darkness, making no attempt to cover his huge boner.

Anger rolled off Aiden in palpable waves.

“I only did what she asked, Aiden. I stayed to make sure she was okay.”

“You son of a bitch. You’ve got a boner the size of Texas, and she’s soaking wet. How could you touch her? You know she’s mine,” he growled.

Travis stood shaking his head. “You’re so fucking blind. Don’t you see what she did for you, how much it’s costing her, costing me. You walked away from her once. Don’t do it again, because this time I won’t turn away.”

“Aiden, Travis, come here NOW!” demanded Cass. Her tone left no room for argument. The fear in her sharply spoken words brought both men quickly to her side.

Passion and anger flickered across her wide eyes. “You moron. Travis was a perfect gentleman. He didn’t touch me, Aiden, regardless of how much I wanted him to do just that.” What was the problem anyway? She knew the rumors. Knew they had shared women before. He shouldn’t be upset.

Her revelation had both men gaping. Well good, she’d shocked the unflappable duo. In that moment she finally understood. She was trapped in a helpless situation. She loved Travis, and could not longer deny her feelings. Suddenly, she knew what to do. She needed them both. Come on goddess, go for broke.

“Don’t just stand there with your tongues hanging uselessly out of your mouths. I need someone to lick my pussy.”

Their matching stunned expressions drew a husky laugh of triumph from Cassandra. “Boys, I’m hornier than hell. Please, help me.” She wriggled her hips as much as the restraints would allow, enticing her men. That was exactly what she needed, both of the men she loved.

Travis looked to Aiden for a clue as to what he should do. If he sent him packing he’d just have to deal with that. Oh God, don’t send me away, he pleaded with his eyes.

Aiden was beyond shock. Cass wanted both of them. Oh, shit. It was more than he had ever dreamed she’d want, or accept. A slow smile spread across his lips, bringing out his deep dimples.

Copyright © Nicole Austin 2017. All Rights Reserved.