Excerpt from Mimosa Night

© Copyright, Nicole Austin
All Rights Reserved

Note: Nicole Austin’s Books are intended for those readers 18 years old or older.

Jeremy Sauvage stood in front of a dark glass door looking sexier than any of the pictures she had secretly drooled over late at night. Tight black leather conformed to slim hips and muscular thighs. Her tongue came out to moisten dry lips, eyes widening while they explored the impressive bulge wonderfully displayed by the confining material of his pants.

Oh my! She swallowed hard, almost choking. What would it be like to have his large shaft harden in her mouth? Or better yet, filling her pussy?

His black silk shirt accentuated the width of his broad shoulders. The cuffs were rolled to display muscular forearms covered in silky black hair. Her eyes took in each tendon and muscle running down his arms to end in strong hands with long, sensitive fingers.

A shiver ran down her spine as she imagined those fingers stroking across her bare skin. He had left his shirt unbuttoned, but tucked into his low riding pants, leaving a wedge of bare chest exposed. Reba couldn’t take her eyes off the swirls of hair descending in an arrow toward tight abs, circling a deep, sexy navel, and pointing the way to his impressive equipment.

Reba’s labia began to swell, drops of moisture accumulating in her tight curls, while she took in the vision standing before the door. She had stopped several feet from him, and had no idea how long she stood there simply staring, feeling like a deer caught in headlights–frozen in place. Ohmigod…this was either a dream come true or a nightmare in the making.

She finally lifted her eyes to meet Jeremy’s smoky gray gaze. Reba saw a faint twinkle behind his relaxed expression, and a hint of something else as well. Was it desire causing his pupils to expand, and his gaze to darken?

He arched one perfect eyebrow, lifted his hand, and motioned her forward with a finger, uttering one womb-clenching word.


And she almost did at the sound of his voice. Reba found herself moving forward thinking, mmm-hmm, definitely a dream come true.

Bowing, he lifted her soft hand toward his full, sensual lips, feathering a gentle kiss across sensitive skin and fragile bones. She heard him inhale deeply–almost as if he was savoring her scent. Like a connoisseur slowly drawing in the bouquet of vintage wine.

He rose slowly, keeping her hand captive in his. “Ah, Reba…it will be such a pleasure to finally have you tonight.”

Say what? Have her? Reba tried to find her voice to object, tell him she was a married woman, but he spun her under his arm, capturing her against his solid chest before she was able to voice a protest. She felt every inch of his strong body pressed against her bare back and shivered in response.

He whispered melodically, lips brushing the glossy black cap of her hair. “Please forgive me while I complete the formalities of security. Fontaine is very strict about such matters, and I see you have managed to come away without a purse.” He paused, moving closer to the shell of her ear. Dropping his voice even lower he continued, “Perhaps you have identification hidden elsewhere on this lush and glorious body…hmm?”

Reba had just gathered her breath to say no when his tongue came out to trace each sensitive swirl of her ear. She felt the warm caress all the way down to her toes, which began to curl from the wicked sensual heat Jeremy was creating.

“Don’t worry, my precious. There are other ways to assure security.”

“H-how?” Reba squeaked. Jeez. She sounded like a mouse was stuck in her throat.

Jeremy placed one large hand across her constricted throat. Warmth began to radiate and seep into her skin, loosening the tight muscles, bringing with it a sense of calm.

“Relax, my dove. There is only pleasure to be found at Fontaine’s.” His voice soothed her and she began to melt into his strong arms.

“Tell me, my sweet, are you here of your own accord?”

Reba nodded, her voice finally strong and confident, “Yes. This is a dream come true. I don’t understand why, though. Why me? Why did I get an invitation?”

“Good,” he sighed. The soft whisper fluttered across her skin. “Perfect. You are here because you wished for it, sweetness, and Fontaine’s is all about fantasy becoming reality.” His hand rose to cup her cheek and draw her head to the side, exposing the long line of her neck. He ran his tongue down the taut tendon as he breathed deeply once again.

Lord, she sure was melting, but how could she do this? “Jeremy,” she gasped. “I can’t…please.”

“Everything will be fine. Listen to my voice, feel how it soothes. Your lover wants you to just let go, my dove.”

As happened before, with the driver, Reba felt a sense of peace wash over her, relieving all her worries. She relaxed, her body softening against Jeremy’s.

“Yessss…perfect.” The words came out with a growl, and his tongue swirled across her exposed jugular before grasping the beating pulse between his teeth, gently forcing her to hold the position.

With both hands freed, he began at her shoulders, caressing along her arms before slowly sweeping back again to brush across her full breasts. His cupped palms barely grazed against her nipples, leaving them aching to be touched. He slid a hand beneath each full breast to squeeze and release. Supporting them in his large hands, Jeremy pulled each globe higher, thumbs running down the sensitive tops to tease at the hard, sensitive buds.

Releasing the lush flesh with a sigh, Jeremy crossed his arms around her ribcage, drawing her body even tighter against his. Rising to his full height, he forced her onto her toes, even in the high heels. Her back arched to maintain the position, silk covered buttocks pushing against his growing erection. She felt his teeth clasp her neck tighter, sending streaks of sensation down to her swollen clit.

“Jeremy…” she gasped. She had heard the rumors about Devon Fontaine and Jeremy Sauvage. Rumors saying they were different. Other. Vampire. Of course, she didn’t believe any of the gossip for a moment. Vampires were a story to scare children with!

But now, feeling his teeth grasping her beating pulse, her body arched and stretched as if for display, Reba wondered. Maybe there was something to the rumor after all.

Jeremy chuckled low in his chest and released her neck, tongue licking across the slight sting. “No worries, dove,” he said. He seemed to have the ability to read her thoughts. “Tonight is not about blood, although I promise, fluids will spill.”

Keeping one arm tight beneath her breasts, he moved his other hand in a downward exploration, carefully brushing across each centimeter of her body, sinking toward her aching, weeping pussy.

Copyright © Nicole Austin 2017. All Rights Reserved.