Excerpt from Jessie’s Challenge

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All Rights Reserved

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The three of them laughed and joked through dinner, then turned on the movie. Brock settled in the recliner. Jesse sat at an angle in the corner of the couch and pulled Kate in between his legs. She wiggled around to get comfortable before resting against his chest.

The movie was a thriller. A steamy sexual journey through the addictive power of illicit passion, wrapped around a deadly mystery. As things got hotter between the characters on the screen, Jesse’s cock took notice. Trying to be discrete, he released the button at his waist to relieve some of the pressure and rearranged himself.

Kate pressed back into him and shifted until the hard length rested between the round cheeks of her ass. The brat kept moving around, making his erection grow.

“Don’t try me, honey.” He whispered the words so only she would hear. Her response was to increase her movements. Jesse took it to be permission to play.

He glanced over at Brock. The other man appeared to be involved in the movie. Good.

The action on the screen intensified. The heroine teased the hero past the point of control. She danced in the rain, puckered nipples showing through her now transparent white top, and caressed her lithe body.

Jesse slid his fingers under the edge of Kate’s shirt and let them rest on her flat tummy. He kept watching the movie as the heroine led her man upstairs, stopping frequently to indulge in very sensual foreplay.

His skin burned, cock twitching as the hero slammed his woman into the door for a hard screw. The man’s hands cupped her ass, raising her and sinking deep inside.

Fuck! It was driving him crazy. Jesse let his fingers move upward, teasing Kate’s peaked nipples through her lacy bra. He needed to touch bare skin. Deft fingers popped the front clasp, freeing the lush mounds. She squirmed as his fingers tweaked her sensitive nipples.

“Don’t make any noise,” he whispered, “unless you want Brock to watch. He’d join in if I let him, but don’t count on it, honey. I’m not sharing you with anyone.”

Jesse inched her shirt higher and higher, exposing her quivering belly. His fingers didn’t stop teasing her breasts, which swelled under his manipulation. She hissed as the material rasped over her nipples seconds before cool air kissed her hot flesh.

Kate’s gaze immediately shot over to where Brock sat. If the hard length pressing against his jeans was any indication, she was out of luck. Her gaze snapped up to his face. Sure enough, the cowboy’s intent eyes devoured her bared breasts.

Not sure how to react, she decided to go with the flow and see where things went. Jesse licked the shell of her ear and nibbled on the lobe. The jerk knew she was susceptible to his dirty talk. He kept a running commentary going in a raspy tone.

“Look at Brock, honey. See how much your beautiful body turns him on.”

Her gaze locked on the other man, watching his fingers brush his denim-clad erection. She couldn’t look away from the seductive sight.

Jesse pulled the shirt over her head, tossed it to the side then cupped her breasts. His fingers massaged the firm globes, tugging at her nipples. Electric sensations zinged through her body, coalescing at her clit.

“He can look all he wants, but I’ll kill him if he tries to touch you.”

The possessive words made her adrenaline spike. Hot juices gushed from her pussy. She wanted more.

On the TV, the couple frantically fucked against the door, their moans filling the air. The sound of a zipper opening drew her attention back to Brock, who now held his shaft, pumping in an easy rhythm. In the low, flickering light from the movie, Kate saw a wet drop of fluid on the ruddy head of his cock. His thumb breezed over the liquid, spreading it with the next stroke.

“You’ve got him all hard and needy, Katie.”

One of Jesse’s hands headed south, disappearing beneath her waistband. The shorts were too tight for him to reach his goal.

“Let me in,” he ordered. Without thinking about it, she popped the button and dropped the zipper. He played in her curls before lowering to caress her slick folds.

Staring into Brock’s eyes, she wondered what he was thinking. Did he think she was a slut to let Jesse finger her while he watched? Did he want to join in? The idea of two men sucking on her nipples and fondling her sex made her even hotter, but also nervous.

Sensing her anxiety, Brock whispered, “Are you okay with this, Kate?”

Was she? Kate wasn’t sure what to think, but she wanted to see where it went. The whole thing was turning her on more than fucking in the pool with her friends close by had.

Unable to voice a reply, she nodded.

“If it gets to be too much, tell us and we’ll stop. I hope you’ll let us keep going. This is so fucking hot, Kate.”

Yes, Brock was right. Having him watch Jesse pleasure her definitely cranked up the heat.

One blunt fingertip circled her clit. Kate couldn’t help bucking her hips into Jesse’s touch. It may be wrong, but she enjoyed having Brock watch. Her gaze remained riveted to the strong hand palming his hard cock. She’d always found men masturbating to be sexy as hell.

Jesse gathered her cream on his fingers then pulled free of her pants. She whimpered at the loss, turning her head to follow the path of his hand. He inhaled her scent, closed his eyes, and proceeded to suck each finger clean.

“You taste so good, honey. Sweet and tangy.”

Brock groaned and cussed under his breath, increasing the pace of his hand job.

She sighed when Jesse’s hand returned to her pussy. Once again he gathered her arousal, but this time he used it to paint her lips.

“Taste yourself, Katie.”

Her tongue shot out to lick her lips. She’d tasted herself before, but in this situation it was a different experience, enhancing the flavor.

Jesse began working her shorts down over her hips. She lifted for him to make it easier. Her panties slipped down her legs with the shorts. When they hit her ankles, she worked the clothing off with her feet.

“Gorgeous,” Brock praised.

Hell if she was going to be the only one naked. “I want to see some skin, boys.”

Brock was all too eager, quickly shucking his shirt, boots and pants then resuming his casual masturbation. Jesse seemed reluctant to let go of her, but soon ditched his clothes. Maneuvering was difficult on the couch, but before long his cock nestled in the crevice of her ass. He was hard as steel, and although she was enjoying their erotic game, she wanted him inside her.

Kate squeezed her muscles, massaging his erection. Her hands roamed Jesse’s sinewy thighs, nails digging into his legs as his fingers returned to tease her slick lips.

The weight of Brock’s stare drew her attention back to the handsome cowboy who still wore his Stetson. She would have laughed, but Jesse chose that moment to thrust two fingers into her pussy.

“Unh,” she moaned. Her head fell back on his shoulder as she rode his hand. Kate became lost in sensation, almost forgetting about Brock until he groaned. She glanced over to see his gaze riveted between her thighs. He pumped his cock in the same tempo Jesse drilled his fingers into her.

“Jesse. I need you.”

His hands grasped her hips, lifted her above his lap then lowered her over his cock. Kate gasped as the thick head powered its way into her wet pussy. Without giving her any time to adjust, he set a rapid pace.

It was fucking amazing, the friction totally mind-bending, but she needed more.

“Fuck me harder. Faster.” She bent her knees, digging her heels into the couch. With her hands braced on his thighs, Kate met Jesse’s thrusts.

“Have mercy.”

The words were muttered in a gravely tone from somewhere in the vicinity of her side. Her eyes snapped open, head swinging around to take in the show. Brock had moved closer, his cock only inches from her shoulder. She licked her lips, watching pearly liquid seep from the slit as he pumped the rigid flesh.

“Come for me, Katie.”


“Damn it, honey. I’m going to explode. Come for me.”

“I can’t,” she whined.

Brock studied Jesse’s pained expression. “Let me help her.”

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