Entwined Hearts

4 Tea Cups from Dodie – Happily Ever After Reviews
“Why is it that so frequently when you indulge in a guilty pleasure, you get caught, and not in a good way? Isabella discovers that she is a voyeur. Then she discovers that her new neighbors enjoy sex in public. OK, well, maybe not in public, but outside on their property, which she can see from her bedroom balcony. Then she finds out that they know she’s been watching them. However, this time, getting caught turns out to be fun.

“This book was not a smooth journey from introduction to HEA, but it was an enjoyable ride watching Bella, Rhys, Max and Brayden find their HEAs. As in life, filled with self – doubt, the main characters stand in their own way constantly to prevent them finding their own happiness. No outside influences needed. Luckily, their friends step in and stop them from making messes of their own lives.

“You do need to leave your inhibitions at the door to enjoy the book. There are lots of steamy, erotic love scenes between the characters, but they are very well written, and absolutely intrinsic to the story. If you like a little real life strife in the middle of your romance novel, where the fantasy is in the wooing, then this is the book for you.”

4 Blue Ribbons from Contessa – Romance Junkies
“All great things must come to an end – sad, but true. ENTWINED HEARTS is the final book in the Heart of Fire series. If you have had the pleasure of reading the first four novels in this series; then, you are in a breathtaking treat with this thrilling finale. I was hanging on the edge of my seat with enormous anticipation, keen to see just how the storyline would unfold. I must say that I wasn’t disappointed one bit. It was great to revisit with each of the four couples, to witness their heartfelt reunion after so many years apart and to experience yet another passion, sexual encounters among the special individual couples. This was simply the perfect ending to a spectacular saga. While ENTWINED HEARTS can be read as a standalone novel, I would suggest reading the first four novels in release order for historical purposes and more importantly for pure enjoyment pleasure.”

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