Cat’s Meow

4 Fiery Dragons from Megan of Veiled Secrets Reviews
“An Emotional roller-coaster … Cat’s Meow will run the gamut from laughter and sensuality to tears… A red hot burning passion explodes whenever Micah and Becca are in the same room even under negative circumstances. Put them in that room alone and watch the sparks fly as the pair find many inventive ways of exploring their desires.

“With at least two more victims of Project Predator known to us I can’t wait to see what Ms. Austin comes up with next in the Predator series.”

Rating 18 from Seriously Reviewed
“ACTION PACKED! If I had to sum up my feelings for this story in one word it would be YOWZA!! A totally rockin’ ride that kept me from the first word till the last and left me with a smile on my face. Good Guys. Bad Guys, Hot Sex, Adventure….what? You can’t expect me to give it all away now can you.

“This is a prime example of what readers expect in a great story. All the elements, moves at the right pace, no lulls, keeps you moving and hopping. Characters that really come to life and a plot that was well written and delivered one Hell of a punch.

*SNAPS* Ms Austin, I will be looking for your name in the future.”

4.5 stars and a heat level of Orgasmic from T.S. Peters of Just Erotic Romance Reviews
“Cat’s Meow will leave you feeling swept away and breathless from the beginning to end. Whether beast or man, Micah is all alpha and all lovable badass, who is well matched with Rebecca. While I was expecting the nerdy, introverted, stickler that’s typical of most heroines of this type, Rebecca is a woman full of endearing surprises.

“I love how neither Micah or her waste time denying their feelings which leads to out of this world sex most of which I was extremely jealous of. Ms. Austin waste no time turning up the heat! I think that readers will also enjoy the many plot twists that drive the pace of the story. Like me, I am sure that they will find themselves rooting for this incredible duo… I look forward to more offerings in this dynamic series. Cat’s Meow is a book that I think that anyone will enjoy.”

4.75 Top Pick from Heather of Night Owl Reviews
“Cat’s Meow is a beautifully written paranormal romance that will delight and enchant readers.

“Ms. Austin has penned an intriguing story that captivates and leaves you longing for more. Her characters are smart, sassy, fleshed-out and real. The plot is attention getting, intelligent, and passionate. The sexual tension between the two main characters is so scorching that steam seems to rise right off the page. I am delighted to be adding this book to my keeper collection. This is a book that I am excited to recommend to others.”

4 ½ kisses review from Merrylee of Two Lips Reviews
“Cat’s Meow by Nicole Austin is an engaging opening to her Predators series and one emotional, action-packed adventure not to be missed! The story snagged me on page one and didn’t let go till the very end. It has everything from simply hot heroes to very vile villains. Throw in a good deal of hot sex and loads of intrigue, and there isn’t much missing from the story…

“Their (Micha and Becca) passion is red hot in the beginning and only gets hotter. The sex is almost unremitting, but the scenes are written well, with lots of emotional components, and never overdone, especially considering that Micah’s lion is an insatiable horn dog. I loved him, especially in the rabbit scene.

“This is a great book, and I can’t wait for more! Nash will be featured in book two of this series, Eye of the Tiger. Ms. Austin, please don’t make me wait too long for its release. As a cat lover, I’m not sure this old heart of mine can take the anticipation for very long.”

Mirands from Joyfully Reviewed
“Cat’s Meow is a sexy romp that features a delectable lion shifter and a beautiful doctor who can soothe his every need. From their first touch in a darkened bar you can feel the heat between Micah and Becca. I enjoyed this book. It is a great start to a series! Micah and Becca were great characters. I loved how she has insecurity issues and I always go gaga over a sexy man that can flush those insecurities down the toilet. I also love the fact that when Micah becomes a lion shifter it doesn’t just come naturally to him. He has problems adjusting to his beast and has difficulty controlling his new abilities. I loved the secondary characters and cannot wait to find out more about them. Nicole Austin has created an exciting world. She definitely left me wanting more.”

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