Hearts of Fire

Warning: Reader Beware - the books listed below are highly flammable and are likely to cause spontaneous reader combustion!

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(Book 4 of a five book series written with Ellora’s Cave authors TJ Michaels, Ciana Stone & NJ Walters.)

Cursed with unusual abilities, orphan McKenna Fulton has always been different, an outcast. But she’s been Chosen.

More accurately, she is one of the Chosen. Eight individuals—four women and four men—selected at birth to guard slices of crystal. The Heart of Fire.

The whole thing is more than a little farfetched. Kenna can handle the part of getting down and dirty with the bad dude. She’s even okay with guarding a crystal. But losing her free will and being stuck with some guy, her destined mate, uh-uh. Not happening.

Local mechanic Ryker Thomas is more than he appears and has his own set of abilities. Kenna wants nothing to do with the southern charmer. So what if he has a matching crystal and the damn things hum and vibrate whenever they’re close together. That doesn’t mean she’ll toe the line. He can’t be the one she’s supposed to be with. Fate wouldn’t be so cruel as to send her a cowboy when what she wants is a bad boy.
Excerpt | E-book | Reviews
Paranormal ~ Hearts of Fire book 5
Ciana Stone, N.J. Walters, T.J. Michaels & Nicole Austin

The Chosen—eight strong individuals gifted with unique paranormal abilities and tasked with protecting shards of an ancient crystal—the Heart of Fire.

Brought together by destiny, each couple has managed to bond and fuse their crystal pairs through a hot and intense sexual joining. The four couples have overcome great personal challenges and remained apart, preparing to face an ancient evil once again.

Now the time has come for the eight Chosen to join forces and defeat Asmodeus, Prince of Hell, once and for all. Their plan is clear yet complex—activate a hidden energy network, gather on spiritual lands and fight an epic battle between good and evil that will impact mankind for eternity.

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned and Asmodeus has some tricks the Chosen never anticipated.