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What’s your fantasy? Exhibitionism, voyeurism, S& M, D/s, bondage and spanking, ménages, orgies…

For Dani, it’s being bold and brazen enough to have sex before an audience. The thrill of performing empowers her. The idea of others being titillated by witnessing her intimate gratification excites her. Mikael has given her an extravagant present, a trip to Pigalle—Paris’ notorious red light district—where they will satisfy her wildest fantasy and perhaps discover a few new ones along the way.
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A standalone title related to the free Naughty Nooner, Erotique

Bound, gagged, blindfolded—Danielle Romano has been taken.

Under the skillful hands of an anonymous stranger, the lines between fear and anticipation, reality and fantasy, anguish and carnal tension are blurred. The thin edge separating pleasure and pain has distorted, reshaping into something that confuses Dani while simultaneously stimulating the scorching demands of her body.

Forced pleasure may bring sexual freedom but the violent lust Dani craves comes with a hefty price that may be more than her husband is able or willing to satisfy.